ethically nomadic

Hello, my name is Alice Jane

Ethically Nomadic is for you, the person reading this. The person who stands in the supermarket assessing which option of tomato sauce is the most sustainable. The person who doesn’t want to buy an expensive house and work 50 unsociable hours just to pay for the house you never spend any time in. It’s for the wanderers, who care about protecting our climate.

I would like to spend my time on this site writing about how we can make a difference to the planet, not solely about what changes we can make as individuals, but also how we can push for systemic change towards helping the climate. The passion for starting this website came from working in an internship, I’d been working there for about a year and while I enjoyed some aspects of the job (the writing, mainly), I wanted to find a career where I felt like I was really making a difference. I also graduated from university studying English, so I thought, ‘Hey, why not combine my two passions, writing and sustainable living?’ So here we are.

I hope you enjoy your journey.

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