14 Things I No Longer Use or Buy

When I first started my minimalism journey it was quite tricky; looking at items and going Well, maybe I’ll use that for something. and then keeping it, when really keeping something ‘just-in-case’ is pointless; that’s how we end up with junk drawers (of course I still have a junk drawer – it’s just developed into a practical drawer where things live until I set aside time to find it a home).
I’ve found that if there is something I’m really unsure on whether I need or not I will use the six months test: keep it in a box or bag out of sight and then whatever is left in the bag and the end of the six months gets donated, upcycled or responsibly thrown away.
This method has helped me start to streamline the things that I need to bring into or keep in my home and what I could start getting rid of or stop buying. So here’s a few things that I no longer use or buy because they serve me no purpose, and perhaps it will encourage you to only keep the things you really love or need.

  1. CDs and DVDs
    Hello, it’s called streaming.
  2. Souvenirs
    If I want to remember somewhere that I’ve been, I’ll take a picture.
  3. Plastic soaps
    Shampoos, conditioners, hand soap, face wash etc. I now buy in a bar (they last so much longer, I promise).
  4. Drinking glasses
    A majority of my drinking glasses have previously been jars for holding pasta sauces etc.
  5. Plastic water bottles
    I have a reusable bottle and use the Refill app to find locations where I can fill up for free.
  6. Takeaway coffee cups
    I use the rule ‘no keep cup, no coffee’, or I’ll sit in and enjoy a coffee out of a mug.
  7. Cotton pads (including reusable ones)
    I just use a flannel/face cloth to remove makeup.
  8. Hair products
    I don’t use any styling gels or mousse or hairspray, I just let my hair do its thing.
  9. Trinkets/nik naks
    They just end up becoming clutter and get thrown away each time your style/taste changes.
  10. High heels
    I have 2 pairs of chunky heel boots in plain colours and wouldn’t wear any other type of heel because I hate them (and they’re really bad for your feet).
  11. Night-out outfits
    I normally dress up outfits with jewellery, hair and makeup because otherwise you end up buying loads of ‘specific occasion’ outfits that you don’t like by the time that occasion comes around again.
  12. Plastic Cutlery
    I have a bamboo set which I carry in my handbag if I plan on buying an on-the-go meal.
  13. Pads & tampons
    I currently use the Kind Menstrual Cup as a replacement.
  14. Carrier bags
    Like many people I no longer use carrier bags from shops, instead I carry a tote with me in my handbag.

What products have you stopped buying, or which ones would you like to stop using? Let me know!